Get better analytics at the point of decision making

Our SaaS analytics platform gives insurers all the tools needed in one place as a cost-effective solution for nat cat portfolio management, underwriting, event response and much more.

Be more effective, every day

We help insurers be more effective. Our platform makes it easy to run complex analyses and visualize exposures in a whole new way. Here’s how insurers use EigenPrism to be more efficient and accurate each day …

Better Insights

Exposure Data Management

Easily pinpoint where your exposures are growing across a portfolio, on-demand. Our APIs make it easy for you to automate data input as often as you like. This gives you the freedom to stop relying on stale data, so you have a current view of risk.

Portfolio Analytics

Quickly perform complex analytics on your portfolios with just a few clicks. Our platform offers a highly interactive and visual experience for analysis and financial modeling on the fly. For example, see how your portfolio is changing over time, instantly.


Evaluate submissions faster and with deeper, more actionable insights. EigenPrism eliminates the need to use multiple tools for data management, analysis, reporting and visualization. Integrate into your existing workflow using our APIs for more efficiency in your day.

More Informed Monitoring

Accumulation Monitoring

Identify unforeseen accumulations across all perils on demand. Be able to know things like how much it would cost if a certain event impacted a 400-meter radius in a specific location. Armed with this data, you can ensure you’re in line with your strategy at all times, even as business scales.

Underwriting Moratoriums

Be smarter about moratoriums as nat cat events unfold. For example, find out the probability of a single zip code being impacted by high wind speeds. This type of granular data allows you to continue to write business when others stop. 

Tropical Storm Gordon wind probabilities Sep 3 2018

Event Monitoring

Be more informed before, during and after an event. Our platform gives you specific and actionable information, so there’s no more guesswork. Customize  alerts so you are notified only when, say, there’s probability of a claim. Now you can stop relying on weather reports and start relying on analytics.

Faster Response

Loss Adjustment

Better allocate limited resources after an event. Our platform can tell you, for instance, the Top 10 locations impacted by an event. You’ll be able to identify where to send loss adjustors, how many you might need, and more. This helps reduce loss adjustment expenses.

automated event nofitications

Loss Estimation

Be more confident in your initial loss estimations, and report them faster. Within minutes of an event, get estimates of the financial impact on a portfolio from within the platform. 

Claims Reporting

Reduce  loss creep after large nat cat events with access to better estimates of impacted assets and gross losses.  

Better Customer Experience

Enhance your client portals with the latest technology while reducing the costs associated with maintaining a portal. Our APIs allow you to integrate our platform’s features like nat cat alerts and visualizations all in a white-labeled product that lets your brand shine.

  • As a senior claims leader, EigenAlert allows me to watch the store 24/7, providing great peace of mind.

    Chief Claims Officer at MGA
  • EigenPrism gives us unprecedented access to our latest exposure data, updated daily, as well as a vast library of historical and real-time worldwide events ... the Alert notifications and daily output feeds into critical business decisions - new business suspension, loss prevention services, claims management, reserving, and exposure management.

    Guru Rao Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance Company